My Interests as a Human Being

As a Law and Society major, I am very interested in law, and the legal system, as well as crime, and prisons, and the role of judges. What interests me most is theories on why individuals commit crime, and what those theories then suggest as remedies to the crime problem. I am also interested in education reform, and community organizations that work to environments that foster children’s success. Related to these interests, I am interested in how our government, with all its checks and balances helps and hinders policies that advocate actual, and long-term change in American institutions. Unrelated to the above interests, I am interested in animals, specifically ocean life, sharks, and dogs.

When thinking about my these concepts, the questions they raise for me are, why do people commit crime? What are we going to do about it? What is the best way to help children grow up to be successful? Why does our government spend its money on easy fixes, like pumping money into  prisons, and not on proactive programs that would work to keep people from going to prison in the first place? How much discretion should the judicial system, specifically judges have? Is our system of government as good as it gets, or are there ways to make it better? How cool would it be to be a shark?

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8 responses

  1. Sharks ARE pretty hip. Not to sound too obsessed, but there’s a type of moth known as the Shark Moth (aka Cucullia umbratica). Hmm, just a random connection my brain seems to be making (regarding tying criminology and sharks together): shark cages???

  2. You seem to be interested in the larger systems that surround us and how they affect us. Are you more interested in their effects on society at large or how they touch the lives of individuals? I think it would be so cool to be a shark–but why does the idea of being a shark (or really, any animal) have so much appeal to people? Is it just the idea of escape? Or the allure of trying something completely new?

    • I guess I’m most interested in how it affects society at large becuase I’m interested in the complex nature of our government and various systems that make addressing social issues so difficult. But there are aspects of the individual that i find interesting, but more so a group of individuals. Like a community, or students, or prisoners, ect, as opposed to student x or prisoner y

  3. Being a shark would be alright… except that our society is pretty much programed to fear and hate them. I don’t know how that could be connected with how society interacts with crime and education reform but I’m sure it could. You’re bringing up some very complex questions about why crimes are committed and how to really fix the system. I am fascinated about how your law and society studies will come into play with your future work.

  4. I think ocean life is fascinating, an entire world that we will never be able to truly experience because of evolution. I just had recruitment a couple weeks back and we asked people what would be on their bucket list and a lot of them said deep sea scuba diving. I’m always glued to the screen whenever there’s segments on ocean life on Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel.

    Also, I think it’s great that you question the system that is in place while at the same time studying it to better understand it. I think it’s a different approach to be aware of the flaws, question them and then choose to pursue study in it in order to find your answers.

  5. It is cool that you are interested in two things that are on the complete ends of the spectrum. I normally don’t think of Law and Ocean life together, but when I do i think of the pecking order of the ocean. I will be interested to see what kind of work you produce! Do you think you will combine your interests somehow?

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